You Can Contribute-Towards

St.John Special Higher Secondary School for Handicapped & St.John Selter Home for Orphans:

For Food Items

Breakfast, Sweet & Snack, Lunch, Dinner, Full day-Food

Aims & Activities

  • To Expand Special School with Hostel Facilities for the Handicapped and the Shelter Home Orphan children.
  • To Facilitate the poor by providing home & livelihood.
  • To Facilitate the illiterates to learn skills with vocational training.
  • To Facilitate the arrangement and helps for the marriage of the poor people and Physically challenged people & Orphans.
  • To Facilitate Kindergarten and Nursery School for the Poor children.

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Voice of the Heart

There are many things in this world, which can be bought for money. But LOVE and AFFECTION can only be got by LOVE and AFFECTION. It can be flourished when it is shared, those are in wanting". God has selected me to serve the mankind. From my childhood, I've some ambition in my mind, to serve and care the Orphans & Poor. That which got fulfilled in the year of 1994

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