Voice of the Heart


"There are many things in this world, which can be bought for money. But LOVE and AFFECTION can only be got by LOVE and AFFECTION. It can be flourished when it is shared, those are in wanting". God has selected me to serve the mankind. From my childhood, I've some ambition in my mind, to serve and care the Orphans & Poor. That which got fulfilled in the year of 1994.

Now it could be nice to share my thoughts. When some parents approached me, to admit their physically challenged (OH) children into my school. At that time, an idea struck into my mind, for these children. Because, from my childhood, I've seen in the society, that always some negletion of Disabled People, and act of the discrimination. It disturbed, my mind, so many times and circumstances. I strongly oppose this kind of discrimination to the Disabled People, by the society.

The Physically Challenged persons are only in loss of some part in their body, but not in the mind. So they are "Differentially Abled Persons" and they also have the same feelings, like normal people. But the discrimination by the society, which discourages them and pulling down their efforts, and the ward too. This could be avoided by showing them mercy and love, to lead their life with good efforts and abilities too.

So the chance for, setting up a special institution, for the "Physically Challenged Persons (OH) and the Shelter Home for orphans". My idea got supported by the Great and kind hearted peoples, known to me at villupuram and made it possible. The arise of "St.John Higher Secondary Special School for the Physically Challenged (OH)" in the premises at Pudhu (New) street, Mandakkarai, Villupuram.

Here free education, hostel, food, books, from the class 1 to 12 is given without any fees, for the Physically Challenged (OH) and Orphan pupils.

Many broad minded & good donors are helping for daily needs, as donations, food, clothings, and many other things, upon their own interest along with their kind visits too.

Here more with these, some other (special) Skill Development and Extra curricular & Rehabilitation Training also given in Tailoring and Music. And also teaching the preparation methods of making of scented Dhoop sticks, Chalk-piece, Candles, Blue-liquid for starching cloths.

So for, many pupils got this certificate. In this Modern World, music is one of the favourite, to all and it also necessary to learn it. In this institution, training is given for (male and female) singers and instrumental music learners.

Those who study in this institution upto 12th (+2) and gets the "Training Course Certificate". From this kind of help, the Disabled also can prove their life by challenging others too, and raise into the level of "Small Industrial Entrepreneurs"

Above, I've narrated many things from my thoughts. Hence, I request and appeal those who are the interested in supporting this flourishing institution, can visit here or can send their contributions to us. "Let's join our hands to serve the needy persons".

"Serving to the needful is, service to The God"

In rightly keeping principles of our society, has been continuing its activities for the cause of General Education, Social Welfare, Vocational Training for women, Adult and Non-Formal Education, Welfare of the Physically Challenged People (OH) & Orphans.The results in our activities are progressive with appreciable encouragement by one and all.

Gradually, this Special school will be upgraded as I.T.I and Polytechnic for Special Students with Disabilities and also the Teacher Training Institute for Special School Teachers. Expecting your encouragement by all sides.

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