Contribution Details

Our Special Needs

  • Uniform Dress
  • Food & Eatables
  • Grocery (Items)
  • Tools & Aids for Teaching
  • Rehabilitation Aids (Calipers, Tricycles,Wheel-Chairs).
  • Cupboard, Furniture, Book-Shelf.
  • Bed Sheet, Shawl & Cots, Pillows, Soap, Oil Pens, Pencil and anything useful for the children & for our activities.
  • Assistance for Accomodation / infrastructure (Building, Lighting).
  • Machinery for small industries (Chalk-Piece).
  • Musical Instruments (Electronic & Classical).
  • Computer-Units, Printers & VCD Players.
  • Science Practical kits and Models.

More Needs for Other Services:

  • Awareness kits for Rural Camps.
  • Photo-phone & Slide Projectors.
  • Rolling-Type Board with Stand.
  • Camping-Tent Material

Also Needs Any Financial Support

Special Note: Contributions within India will be Applicable for 80-G exemption

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